All testing is done with Korr testing equipment that is professionally and scientifically proven to produce results in your training and health.

VO2 Max Testing

VO2 Max testing helps you understand what is happening to your body as exercise intensity increases. The test details your body’s transition from aerobic to anaerobic energy systems. This gives you the knowledge and tools needed to train in proper zones for your workout and goal.

VO2 Max Testing Information (PDFs):

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Testing

RMR testing indicates how many calories you will burn at rest within a 24 hour period of time. This helps you understand how many calories are needed in a day to lose, maintain or gain weight. This information is vital to your fitness success, so this test is highly recommended.

RMR Testing Information (PDFs):

Blood Lactate Testing

Blood lactate testing is very similar to VO2 Max testing. However, it can also be used to determine if you are more inclined toward aerobic or anaerobic conditioning. It provides a blood lactate curve that indicates where lactate begins to enter your bloodstream at a given heart rate.

Individual Testing

  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Testing – $40
  • VO2 Max Testing – $100
  • Blood Lactate Testing:
    • $25 for single strip test (from a maximum effort to determine your anaerobic or aerobic physicality)
    • $100 at testing site
    • $125 for offsite testing

Testing Packages

RMR and VO2 Max

$125per test

RMR and Blood Lactate

$125per test

RMR, VO2 Max and Blood Lactate

$200per test

Note: The Blood Lactate and VO2 Max tests cannot be completed on the same testing day.

Body Composition Analysis

  • $5 with any of the above tests
  • $15 for the body composition analysis only